Formation of Congregation Ruach haMaqom

My Friends,  

Bruchim haba’im! Welcome! I am delighted to announce the formation of Ruach haMaqom, the emergent, post-denominational Jewish community in Burlington. Our name translates as “Spirit of the Place” and we open our hearts and our doors to move forward to become a center for Jewish life in our area. Ruach HaMaqom is unabashedly eager to express Judaism with the ideals of Jewish Renewal.  This means that it is our practice to integrate our bodies, minds, and spirits in the way we pray and sing and serve our community and our planet.  There is a commitment to offer accessible liturgical prayer; a welcoming place for interfaith families; there is an expressed need to have the time to share our thoughts with each other about our lives, and the challenges and joys that we are experiencing; and there is a desire to celebrate through art, music, movement, poetry, and song. 
As we enter into the book of Deuteronomy in the cycle of the Torah readings, we can feel the blessings and the concerns that our elders expressed.  We, too, face our future as did our elders, securing this opportunity to build a new society upon the dreams and yearnings of all of us together,  to create a fair and just and a wholly holy society. 
More joy! Less Oy!
We hope to see you at Kabbalat Shabbat soon,
Rabbi Jan Salzman