Summary of the current situation:

In December 2017 the Building Committee learned that our  synagogue  had fire code violations that would need to be addressed ASAP.  In its present state the safe level of occupancy is limited to 49 people.

While 49 people was enough to cover our weekly services it is nowhere near enough capacity for special services like Bar/Bat Mitzvoth, weddings, funerals, nor holiday services such as Passover dinner, or High Holiday services. 

Our rapidly growing community needs money for these repairs! So we are proceeding as rapidly as possible to raise the money we will need to complete the essential repairs to enable full occupancy of 250 people.   More accurate and detailed information will be available soon but we already know that  building a new fire exit, installing lighted exit signs, and building an accessibility ramp will cost about $35,000. 

You can help by making a contribution by check or by credit card.  Note: We prefer checks so we can avoid the credit card processing fees. 

RhM is a tax exempt 501(C)3 organization registered with the IRS. You will receive an email receipt in early 2020 to document your 2019 tax deductible contributions.


Checks can be made out to: 
Congregation Ruach haMaqom

Checks can be mailed to:
Congregation Ruach haMaqom / building fund
168 Archibald St
Burlington, VT 05401