Rabbi Jan and Congregation Ruach haMaqom rely on the generous support of the Jewish community.  Your generosity is the financial foundation of our Congregation.  Instead of charging annual membership fees, our congregation is funded through monthly subscriptions. Without the support of people like you, Congregation Ruach haMaqom would not be possible. 

Subscriptions amounts are based on the number of participating adults in your household:
$18 Aleph - 2 members for $36, 3 for $54
$36 Bet - 2 members for $72, 3 for $108
Gimel - 2 members for $108, 3 for $162
Supporting - 2 members for $144, 3 for $216
Sustaining - 2 members for $360, 3 for $540

You can start, upgrade, or stop your subscription at any time through this website or by clicking links sent to you after you sign up.  Your subscription is tax deductible.


To make a one-time donation to the congregation please mail a check made payable to  "Congregation Ruach haMaqom"

Mail your check to:


Ruach haMaqom Business Office
205 Archibald St.
Burlington, VT 05401