Shavuot! Jewish Kirtan, dance, study as we gather at 'Mt. Sinai'

  • Ruach haMaqom 168 Archibald Street Burlington, VT, 05401 United States

Tuesday, May 30th, at 7 pm, we prepare ourselves to 'receive Torah' which our tradition understands to having taken place during the pilgrimage holiday of Shavuot. The evening will be filled with Jewish Kirtan song and chant, sacred dance including a Sufi  'zikkur' dance and an Israeli dance. We will have opportunities for learning, teaching, storytelling and quiet time. Children are welcome, and can bring their sleeping bags, as the evening can go as late as we can last! 

We'll be joined by musicians, including guitarist Jesse Taylor and special guest Rabbi David Ellison, of the Middlebury havurah.

Questions?  Want to teach something? Contact Rabbi Jan.  

PS: Cheesecake will be served!