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Tisha B'Av: Descend in order to Ascend

  • Ruach haMaqom 168 Archibald Street Burlington, VT, 05401 United States (map)

Tisha b’Av: the descent in order to ascend. Please join together on Sunday, July 30th, at 10 am, for bagels and coffee at the synagogue. We will spend about an hour learning some texts and creating rituals to ‘ride the elevator to the bottom floor’ and then rise again. Area synagogues will be offering Tisha b’Av services on Monday night.  

There is a powerful point along the road of preparation for the Holy Days, and that is the commemoration of Tisha B’Av, literally, the 15th of the month of Av. It is the anniversary of a string of disasters that struck our people over the millennia, and is the time of year in the Middle East that is the most dangerous: will we survive to the Fall rains? Our tradition invites us into a state of despair and lament. How can this possibly be something into which we willingly enter?  A lament is a ‘woe is me’ from our hearts and the depths of our beings, acknowledging that there are some things in our lives that, awful and tragic as they may be, cannot be changed. Despair is the feeling of such loss, such pain. And yet, in the undulating wavelengths of life, the bottom of a trough is held by and ultimately uplifted by the ascent to the next ride of the wave.