How do you Get Involved?

A major part of RhM non liturgical congregational life happens within and around RhM Groups.  The Groups are intended to be are self-organized and self-empowered with oversight provided by R. Jan.  The various Groups provide a focused volunteer framework to do organize and execute the "good work" of the Congregation. All members of the Congregation are invited and encouraged to join one or more Groups, participate in the Group planning meetings, and/or help out with the Group activities. We have several groups covering  a  variety of areas depending on your interests.  We hope you will find the right place. 

  • All Group meetings are open to the public and upcoming Group meetings will be published as Events on the Events page.  We have tried to schedule meetings at the same day and time each month. But always check the Events Page to be sure you have the correct time, date and location.
  • Each Group has a dedicated email address listed below. Using this dedicated email is the best way to instantly communicate to all group members. 
  • Whether or not you are not a member of the group you can send an email message or question to the group.
  • If you would like to learn more about a Group a good way to start would be to read the online group discussion.
  • Links to the online discussion for each Group are listed below.
  • If you have a general question about Groups then contact R. Jan.


Social Action

Read Online Group Discussion


The Social-Action Group is focused on a variety of socially beneficial activities to reduce suffering and support the health and well being of all people.  This Group has an emphasis on doing things which directly benefit our local community.



Read Online Group Discussion

The Advisory Group is focused on the strategic vision of our Congregation.   In addition to charting the path forward Advisory activities include: congregation by-laws, budget, oversight of all other Groups.


The Building Group is focused on all issues associated with the Synagogue building and grounds.   Currently the Group is prioritizing near-term goals, mid-term goals and long-term goals and looking into a variety of funding options.



Read Online Group Discussion


The Families Group is focused on creating an engaging Jewish experience for children and parents.   Currently the Group is refining ideas and discussing the needs and wants of our families.  This is a new group that is currently forming up so please consider joining this Group especially if you are a parent.

  • Meeting schedule: Regular monthly meetings are not yet scheduled.  Read the Online Group Discussion and send a message to the Group to get most current info.